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Rita Ora teases Ed Sheeran duet: ‘It’s a heartwarming love song’

Rita Ora teases Ed Sheeran duet: ‘It’s a heartwarming love song’

Songstress Rita Ora has revealed that she collaborated with Ed Sheeran on a cut that appears on her new record and is proud of how the duet turned out. 
She teamed up with Sheeran for a song called ‘Us’ and confessed to Rap-Up.com that it’s a very touching track: “For me, it’s one of the sweetest, heartwarming, incredible love songs/reality that I’ve ever heard, and it kind makes me think, ‘Thank God that someone wrote that in a song.'”
Ora went onto add that despite having already released her debut album back in 2012, she’s looking at her forthcoming new record as the beginning of her career: “I’m approaching it like it’s my first record ’cause I haven’t necessarily released a worldwide record before. It really presents the music I love as a fan of music, from my love of punk to hip-hop to R&B to soul.”
The ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ hitmaker recently told Perez Hilton that the theme of her new record is sexuality: “This album is probably the most eclectic record I’ve done so far I think it really represents my music taste. It’s really influenced on my personal life and who I am as a 24-year-old Londoner and just all the experiences that I been through. The theme of this album I think it’s definitely sexual but it has a form of innocence to it.”